OpenAI’s Figure 01 Talking Robot Demo Is Eerily Mind-Blowing

hero figure openai humanoid robot
Attention all humans: Figure AI, in collaboration with OpenAI, is well on its way to developing a humanoid robot capable of taking over the world. OK, while it may not be ready to take over the world (yet) the company’s Figure 01 robot running a new Visual Language Model (VLM) does put on a mind-blowing demonstration in a new video.

Figure AI is a startup founded by CEO Brett Adcock, whose ambition is to build the company with a 30-year view that includes the firm’s mission: Expand human capabilities through advanced AI. To be more specific, to develop general purpose humanoids that make a positive impact on humanity and create a better life for future generations. At present, this mission is focused on the company’s Figure 01 humanoid robot, which recently demonstrated some eerily impressive feats in a YouTube video.

The video from Figure showcased Figure 01’s ability to communicate with a human and carry out commands. Making the presentation perhaps even more freaky is how natural-sounding Figure 01 sounds while conversing with the gentleman in the video. Check it out...

The video begins with the human asking Figure 01, “What do you see right now?” Figure 01 surveys what’s in front of it for a moment and then answers a human-like male voice, “I see a red apple on a plate in the center of the table. A drying rack with cups and a plate, and you standing nearby with your hand on the table.”

After correctly identifying what it saw in front of it, Figure 01 was asked to carry out a series of tasks. The male human asks for something to eat, and Figure 01 picks up the apple on the table and hands it to him. The human counterpart then places some trash on the table where the apple once was, and then asks the robot to explain what it just did, while picking up and disposing of the trash in a basket. After a brief pause, Figure 01 disposes of the trash and explains, “So I gave you the apple because it’s the only, uh, edible item I could provide you with from the table.”

figure ai figure 01

The last part of the demonstration includes the human asking Figure 01 what it feels should happen next with the dishes on the table based on the scene. The humanoid robot responds, “The dishes on the table, like the plate and cup, are likely to go in the drying rack next." After being asked if it can place them there, Figure 01 complies and performs the task.

When asked how it thinks it did, Figure 01 responds that it thinks it did “pretty well.” It added, “The apple found its new owner, the trash is gone, and the tableware is right where it belongs.”

Figure AI is not only being backed by OpenAI. The company announced last month that it raised $675 million at a $2.6 billion valuation from investors including Jeff Bezos, NVIDIA, and Microsoft. Companies like Figure AI hope that humanoid robots such as Figure 01 can perform jobs that are dangerous for humans, or ones that humans don’t want. The hope for humans, however, might be that these robots don’t take over more than just menial jobs.