ooVoo Connects Smartphone, PC, And Mac Users With 4G Mobile Video Chat Service

ooVoo launched a new mobile video chat service for Android that will compete with Qik. The new mobile service lets up to six users connect simultaneously.  ooVoo Mobile also offers free ooVoo-to-ooVoo voice calls, text chat, contact list integration, and video calls to any person not on ooVoo via a web browser. The new mobile client is currently available for HTC EVO and Samsung Epic. ooVoo plans to support additional devices such as the Apple iPhone, iTouch and iPad early next year. ooVoo's video chat service is currently available for PCs and Macs as well.

ooVoo Launches the First 4G Mobile Video Chat Service That Simultaneously Connects Smartphone, PC and Mac Users

Users can now experience high quality mobile video chat by downloading the ooVoo Mobile application for their Wi-Fi or 4G-enabled smartphones

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today ooVoo announced the launch of ooVoo Mobile, a mobile video chat service on the Android marketplace. With 20 million people worldwide already using ooVoo on their PCs or Macs, ooVoo breaks new ground in mobile video chat by allowing up to six users to simultaneously participate on a video call without compromising the high quality video experience.

People want mobile video chat, and ooVoo is actively connecting best-in-class technology with a cool user experience. ooVoo Mobile users download and get started in seconds making calls to friends, family and colleagues on PCs, Macs, tablets and other mobile phones. And it works over Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G networks so service is sure to be covered wherever they are.

As well as 6-way video chat and unparalleled quality, ooVoo Mobile also features free ooVoo-to-ooVoo voice calls, text chat, contact list integration and video calls to any person not on ooVoo via a web browser. Available immediately on the Android Market for the HTC EVO and Samsung Epic, ooVoo plans to support new devices every day as well as Apple iPhone, iTouch and iPad devices in early 2011.

“Not only is ooVoo bringing essential features to the mobile video chat marketplace that have been missing until now, but we’ve also expanded our already famous high quality video to the world of mobile communication,” said Philippe Schwartz, CEO of ooVoo. “The existing video chat apps do not support mobile, or they support inferior quality. We believe that ooVoo over the emerging Verizon LTE or the Sprint WiMAX networks will surpass all competition and will even provide better quality than sitting at your desktop.”

Twenty million people rely on ooVoo to stay close to friends and family on the other side of the city or the other side of the world. With our new platform-independent mobile service, ooVoo is committed to making sure users enjoy superior voice and video quality on their PCs and Macs and now on mobile devices across any platform, any network, anywhere.

For video comparison between ooVoo Mobile and Qik, click here: http://homepage.mac.com/akidess/filechute/ooVoo_UB_v3_High.mov