Only From Japan: "Toylet" Video Games

You're probably familiar with the advertising that frequently appears above public urinals in men's restrooms. Always the innovator, Japan has a new idea for that unused space: video games, where the controller is your urine stream.

They are called Toylets, and currently there are four models. To be clear, these are still in development.
  • Manneken Pis, which simply calculates the amount of urine produced.
  • Graffiti Eraser, in which graffiti on a wall is removed with a hose, your hose we suppose.
  • The North Wind and Her, you are the north wind, and you  try to blow a dress off a girl. The stronger the urine stream, the harder the wind blows.
  • Milk from Nose, two sumo wrestling characters blow milk out of their noses to push the other out of a sumo ring. The winner is the person who has the stronger urine pressure.  Don't worry, it's multiplayer, but the game is between you and the prior user of that same urinal.
We have to admit at being held speechless by the Toylet. We also feel sorry for the fairer sex, who can't participate in such wonderment (yes, yes, it's bad enough the lines in women's restrooms are so long).

A little disturbing, actually...
Tags:  Video Games, Sega