OnePlus And T-Mobile Partner For 5G Giveaway With Cash Prizes And Free OnePlus 8T Phones

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If you're into freebies, we've got a great one for you today that's coming from a joint giveaway put together by OnePlus and T-Mobile. The two companies are doing a scavenger hunt of sorts, and your job is to find three separate pop-up OnePlus stores that have been placed around the United States (which all are conveniently located within T-Mobile's 5G coverage area).

Given the fact that we're all suffering through the COVID-19 pandemic, this isn't going to be an event where you actually have to get in your car to search for the pop-up stores or hikes through the woods on-foot to win. Instead, this is an all-digital event and you'll be able to point out on a map where you think each pop-up store is located. But if you do manage to brave the elements to show up in person, OnePlus states the following:

We do not encourage physically looking for the Pop-Ups, as they are in remote locations. But if you happen to stumble upon one of the three Pop-Up locations, rest assured a smiling face will greet you there between 10 am - 5pm.

T-Mobile's official Twitter account will be giving out hints over the next week to get you a little bit closer to each location. Those that correctly guess a location will be entered into a pool for your chance to win. The correct locations of the three pop-up locations will be revealed on Friday 11/13, Tuesday 11/17, and Thursday 11/19. Winners for each day will be contacted via email.

OnePlus 8T 10

So, what exactly do you get if you manage to correctly guess where a pop-up location is? Well, there will be three grand prize winners that will get a custom OnePlus 8T smartphone plus $5,000 in cash. 100 second place winners will get a OnePlus 8T, and 300 third-place winners will get a set of OnePlus Buds Z wireless earbuds.

You don't need to have a OnePlus device to enter the contest, and you can enter using a OnePlus account, or authenticate using Facebook or Google. You can also visit OnePlusGoFarther for additional details on the promotion.