One Week iTunes Report: Beatles Sell 2M Songs, 450K Albums

You would have thought every person who loved the Beatles already took their CD collection and ripped it to their hard drive, and that huge iTunes sales would need to wait for a new generation. Apparently not: with the Fab Four is on iTunes, consumers purchased two million Beatles singles, and another 450,000 albums, in the first week.

According to Billboard, the best-selling album in the U.S. was "Abbey Road" and best-selling song was "Here Comes the Sun."

Of course, as Media Memo points out, the Beatles on iTunes are far more valuable for Apple to use in ads, than actual sales may indicate. Clearly, that is why the Cupertino, CA company is blasting numerous ads about the Beatles being exclusively sold (digitally) on iTunes. It certainly hurts Amazon MP3 among others.

Speaking of which, watch a Beatles on iTunes ad below.

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