One More From CES: In Win’s H-Frame and D-Frame Open Air Cases

Like a siren song, In Win’s H-Frame and D-Frame open air cases called to us from across the show floor at CES. In Win’s booth was tucked away in a corner, which was a rather demure setting for the company’s sizzling cases. Specifically, the H-Frame and D-Frame cases pulled us in for a closer look.

The H-Frame was a CES darling, and indeed it’s striking. It looks like one giant heat sink, which is essentially how the case was designed. It’s built from 11 parallel aluminum fins that help dissipate heat in tandem with the open air design of the chassis, and the silver-and-blue color scheme is svelte and striking.

In Win H-Frame

It has a single 5.25-inch bay, three 3.5-inch bays (one of which converts to support a 2.5-inch drive), and a 2.5-inch bay, and it supports ATX and micro-ATX motherboards. There are two USB 3.0 ports and HD audio jacks on the front of the case, with a USB 2.0 port on the front, and there are seven expansion slots. In keeping with a minimal design that optimizes airflow, the H-Frame ships with just two 120mm fans.

In Win H-Frame

The D-Frame isn’t as sexy as the H-Frame, but it’s a builder’s dream. In fact, In Win had two D-Frames on display--one fully built, and one in a pile of orange pipes on the table. The pipes are aluminum and form the frame of the case, and there’s a black metal motherboard tray behind which you can route all those pesky cables. In Win says that the motherboard tray can rotate 90 degrees to accommodate your preferred I/O orientation.

In Win D-Frame

Like the H-Frame, the D-Frame has a single 5.25-inch bay and three 3.25-inch bays, but it also has two dedicated 2.5-inch bays; both also support ATX and micro-ATX motherboards. The D-Frame offers eight expansion slots to the H-Frame’s seven, as well.

The H-Frame is already out and available for purchase, and we’ll see the D-Frame hit the market this month. We don’t know how much the D-Frame will cost yet, but it’s likely that it will be somewhere in the neighborhood of the $399 price tag (ouch) attached to the H-Frame.