On Video Confirmation: RIM Rep Says QNX to Run Android Apps

Loose lips sink ships, they say, it appears that the loose lips of a RIM representative have confirm the rumors that have been going around of late. BlackBerry's QNX platform, which will run its PlayBook tablet and future smartphones, will run Android apps as well.

The video below is of a PlayBook demo from Mobile World Congress. There's a decent amount of background noise but if you listen carefully, you can here the person giving the demo say, "We'll also support Android apps" at the 14 second mark.
This isn't the equivalent of a press release, but it's been believed for some time that RIM would do this. This would give them access to an Android Market with six figures worth of apps, yet by doing it the way they have, BlackBerry maintains control over their own platform.

Recently, the Android app ShopSavvy noted via their flurry logs that some BlackBerry devices in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada (home base for RIM) were running their app, strengthening the case that this move would happen.