Omote Real-Time Face Tracking CGI Make-Up Technology Is Amazing and Kind Of Freaky

This video is worth the two minutes it takes to watch, particularly if you’re a fan of CGI effects. Producer Nobumichi Asai used Omote to create an array of makeup styles on the face of a living model in real time. Omote uses tracking technology to follow the woman’s face so that the “makeup” can be projected onto her while she moves.

The CGI effects of Omote turn a model's face into an array of makeup styles.
Some of the styles are subtle - others are stunning.

Asai has already worked on projecting images to buildings and other objects. Projecting makeup to a face is a more dramatic project, and it’s already getting plenty of attention. The video starts off with some very subtle applications and builds to jaw-dropping faces that turn the model into something unreal – all while she moves her head from side to side and nods.

The video is a little unsettling to watch, but it’s mesmerizing, too. You’ll have an urge to watch it again as soon as the credits hit. You can see other Asai projects here, including work done for Subaru.