Olympia Circuits Teases Arduino Programmers With $60 Arno Shield

Homemade gadgets seem to be all the rage these days, and while programming used to be reserved for nerds, it's also becoming a more mainstream hobby. And honestly, a cheaper hobby to get into. With small Arduino boards becoming more popular, Olympia Circuits is jumping into the mix with the Arno Shield. It contains all the components necessary to learn Arduino programming when plugged into an Arduino compatible board without any messy wires. The original Arno Learning Kit was introduced last year, and the Shield provides another way for new users to dive into the world of Arduino and breaks down barriers to learning about microcontrollers.

To allow for a wide range of learning projects, the shield includes the following devices:

- Four green LEDs
- One infrared LED
- Two momentary pushbutton switches for digital inputs
- One thumbwheel potentiometer to introduce analog measurements and controls
- One piezo element to create tones and measure vibrations
- One phototransistor to detect infrared and visible light
- An I2C digital temperature sensor to introduce between-device digital communication

Shipments are expected to begin on May 2nd for $60. So if you've been looking for a kit to start toying with, what's keeping you?