Old And Busted? The Internet. But There's No New Hotness

Sorry to bother you, but the Internet is busted. And we're not talking "global-warming-forty -years-from-now-we're-going-to-be-really-hot busted." We appear to be talking "this-year" busted.

A new assessment from Deloitte & Touche predicts that global traffic will exceed the Internet's capacity as soon as this year. Why? The rapid growth in the number of global Internet users, combined with the rise of online video services and the lack of investment in new infrastructure. If Deloitte's predictions are accurate, the traffic on many Internet backbones could slow to a crawl this year absent substantial new infrastructure investments and deployment.

Net Neutrality means we're all going to be in the left lane going forty with our turn signal on.

Note from HH EIC:  I hope to god this is all true because maybe finally new life can be breathed into communications companies like Alcatel-Lucent, Nortel, Cisco, Juniper, the list goes on...  Roll up routes 128 or 495 in the Boston area or similar major arteries in the West Coast Bay area and you know what we're talking about, with the shells of large comms companies scattered around like shrapnel.  The dot-com explosion and implosion; breathe in, breathe out.  Those fancy-pants D&T bean counters better be right.  We need a big breath in damn-it.  Time to get some "back" back into the backbone.

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