OKI's 1.1" QVGA LED Panel To Deliver HUDs For All

Heads-up displays have basically been seen only in expensive cars, sci-fi films and...well, that's about it. OKI Digital Imaging is hoping to change all that and bring HUDs to the masses with a new LED display. The company's 1.1" QVGA panel seeks to provide the same heads-up functionality that has become commonplace in simulators and fancy car dashboards, but while using one-tenth of the power (compared to a traditional LCD) and at just a fraction of the cost.

The device features the world's first 65-micrometer pitch between LED chips, and considering that it's also self-illuminating, that's one less thing to worry over in the built structure. It's plenty visible in broad daylight, and while exact costs have yet to be nailed down, it should be ready for initial sampling in the latter half of 2010. A heads-up display in even the lowest-end car? We'll take that.

OKI Group Becomes Industry’s First to Develop 1.1 Inch QVGA High Brightness LED Display

Featuring Clear Daylight Visibility, Fast Response, and Lower Power Consumption

TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--OKI Digital Imaging Corporation, a subsidiary of OKI Data Corporation, a subsidiary that develops, manufactures, and markets LEDs, today announced it has succeeded in developing a 1.1 inch QVGA (1) LED display while reducing power consumption to one-tenth that of conventional LCDs.

This achievement is the direct result of a new company technology that enhances luminance efficiency, based on refinements of its proprietary Epi Film Bonding technology (2) that permit two-dimensional deployment.

This new technology applies the company’s proprietary Epi Film Bonding technology to mount thin-film LEDs onto a metal board in a manner permitting high reflection and radiation.

Featuring the world’s first 65-micrometer pitch between LED chips, this LED display also realizes high density to deliver high-definition images while maintaining diminutive dimensions. Since it is self-illuminating, the new display features faster response, more compact dimensions, and lower power consumption than LCD displays that require a separate light source. It also features high contrast (over 5000:1) for high visibility even in bright daylight.

OKI Digital Imaging will manufacture the LED display at the newly-acquired LED manufacturing facility in Gunma prefecture, Japan. Shipments of samples are expected to begin by the end of fiscal year 2010.

“The new technology has made it possible for us to develop a groundbreaking LED display that provides high definition images while maintaining compact dimensions,” said Hiroshi Kikuchi, President of OKI Digital Imaging. “The development of the world’s first thin-film-bonding technology in 2006 marked a significant milestone for the OKI Group. As shown by today’s announcement, that technology laid the foundations for continuing developments in LEDs. The OKI Group plans to leverage the expertise and technical knowledge accumulated over 20 years of experience with LED printing to develop new technologies in other areas and to expand its LED-related businesses.”


1: QVGA : Quarter Video Graphics Array

2: Epi Film Bonding Technology

Developed for LED printer printheads, this technology enables thin films to be released and bonded to dissimilar materials. The OKI Group is the world's first company to achieve high-volume production of LED printheads based on this technology, which enables higher density semiconductors and multi-layers, contributing to low power consumption devices. The OKI Group has long believed that this technology will open doors to the development of various innovative compound circuit ICs.

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