Offline Gmail Graduates From Labs

Google has a history of creating cool new features for many of its offerings and then letting them sit in testing stage for quite a while. The Offline feature of Gmail is no exception. Nearly a year after its initial launch, the Offline Gmail feature is finally graduating from Gmail Labs.

After you install Offline Gmail, you'll be able to use the traditional Gmail interface to read and compose email messages, search, and organize messages even when you are away from an Internet connection. In addition, a Flaky Connection mode speeds up Gmail when your connection is unreliable.

During the time a feature part of Google Labs, Google collects feedback and makes changes to that feature to make it even better. According to the Gmail Blog, Offline Gmail has received many improvements including bug fixes and other frequently requested features during its time in Labs. Two of the most frequently requested features—an option to choose which messages get downloaded for offline use and the ability to send attachments while offline—have been added.

For users who are already enjoying the benefits of Offline Gmail, you won't have to do anything new now that the feature has graduated from Labs. Should you need to change your settings, the option is now available from the Offline tab under Settings (previously, it was located in the Labs tab).

If you're not already using this feature and want to enable it, click the Settings link and then select the Offline tab. Next, select Enable Offline Mail for this computer, click Save Changes, and follow any on-screen instructions.