Oculus Peeps Prototype ‘Crescent Bay’ Rift VR Headset With Integrated Audio, 360-Degree Tracking

Oculus VR held its first developer conference where nearly 1,000 developers attended. At Oculus Connect, the developer unveiled a new, upgraded prototype of its VR headset designated Crescent Bay.

The new prototype features integrated audio, 360-degree head tracking, new display technology, expanded positional tracking volume, and improved weight and ergonomics. While certainly better than the current DK2, Oculus VR chief executive Brendan Iribe said that Crescent Bay is not the consumer version but that “it is much, much closer.”

In addition to the new VR headset, new demo content has been created in-house by the developer’s content team called “Crescent Bay Experiences.”

Facebook acquired Oculus VR back in July for $2 billion. Since then, the developer has expanded so that it is developing its own first-party content and rumored to be building its own handheld VR controller while Facebook is approaching Hollywood studios to help create content for the VR headset.

However, Oculus VR has yet to say when a consumer product will be released and for how much.

How much longer do you think consumers will have to wait before buying an Oculus VR headset?