Obama's BlackBerry "No Fun" Due To Presidential Limits

There's no doubt that the popularity of RIM's BlackBerry handset line has dropped somewhat as newer versions of iOS and Android make the iPhone and the array of Android phones on the market that much more attractive, but for the business people, there's still no real replacement. And you might say that America's President falls into that classification. Barack Obama fought hard early on in order to keep his BlackBerry even though you're supposed to give up your personal phone in exchange for a government-approved phone when you take over as Commander and Chief.

But now that he has been toting that trusty BlackBerry around for a couple of years as President, he doesn't share that same enthusiasm. On a recent appearance on ABC's The View, Obama was asking about his smartphone. His response? "I've got to admit, it's no fun because they think that it's probably going to be subject to the presidential records act, so nobody wants to send me the real juicy stuff." He also confessed that just 10 total people had the authority to send him messages on his BlackBerry. That's sort of comical, but we do feel sort of bad that he fought so hard and now can't even enjoy the spoils of ownership.

But then again, at least he doesn't have to worry about meaningless BBMs in the middle of the night.