NZXT Releases The Kraken Z-3 Liquid Cooler With Swank Customizable Animated GIF Bling

nzxt zx3 gif
RGB lighting effects have completely taken over the PC gaming scene for the past 10+ years, and you can now find components of every sort decked out with LEDs. Everything from memory, to CPU coolers, to graphics cards, to keyboards, to motherboards can light up in just about any hue that you program. So, would could possibly be better than colored lights flashing inside your case? Animated GIFs, of course!

PC enthusiast firm NZXT is answering the call with its Z-3 Series all-in-one liquid coolers, which are available in either 280mm or 360mm sizes. The centerpiece, however, is a 2.36-inch, 24-bit circular LCD that can be fully customized by the user. Its primary function is to give enthusiasts a quick look at vital system health data, but the real party trick is the ability to playback animated GIFs of your choosing. If you want to be boring, you can also have it display a static image.

It's a little bit over-the-top, but we have to admit that it looks pretty damn cool. If it were me, I'd probably have it running nonstop clips from Seinfeld or Breaking Bad... after all, "I am the one who knocks!"

“The CPU cooler is the centerpiece for every PC Build,” said NZX Founder and CEO Johnny Hou. “We took great lengths to ensure that the newest generation of Kraken is the most visually appealing and highest performing AIO ever. The possibilities for customization with the Kraken Z are endless and I cannot wait to see what the community does with this potential.” 

nzxt zx3

NZXT says that Z-3 Series is compatible with both Intel LGA 1151 and AMD AM4 sockets. The Kraken Z63 (280mm) is priced at $249.99, while the Kraken Z73 (360mm) is $30 more expensive at $279.99. Both are available to purchase right now in the United States.

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