NZXT Cools Notebooks Down With New Cryo S Stand

Stuck with a notebook that could easily double as a frying pan after an hour or so of use? Unable to use it without heavy duty pants or a suitable pillow on your lap? Never fear, as NZXT is here to save your poor legs from getting scalded. As more and more companies shove higher-end components into smaller enclosures, waste heat buildup is becoming commonplace. In turn, more notebooks are emitting more heat than ever before, and it's our own legs paying the price.

The Cryo S High Performance Notebook Cooler is aimed to give laps the world over some relief, providing ample cooling for notebooks that run just left of "molton hot." The device itself is constructed from thick, brushed aluminum and includes twin 120mm fans that can cool hot machines as larger as 15". Designed to sit between your lap and your machine, the unit touts a rubber finish that lifts the notebook up in order to give heat a place to escape, and by cooling the entire bottom, it ensures a much more pleasant experience. Best of all, it can be powered via a notebook USB port or an AC adapter (included), and the device provides two additional USB ports as if to double as a small USB hub. Ready to kill the burn? Head to NewEgg to buy yours now for $49.99. NZXT's full press release is pasted below for reference.

NZXT Announces Immediate Availability of Cryo S High Performance Notebook Cooler

El Monte, CA – June 18, 2009 – NZXT, a company built on realizing the dreams of gamers worldwide, is proud to announce the immediate availability of the Cryo S, a high performance notebook cooler  built with thick, brushed aluminum, with two adjustable 120mm fans that provide powerful cooling to any notebook up to 15 inches.  The Cryo S is available now in America from for $49.99.

The Cryo S features a rubber finish that lifts the notebook up slightly to remove heat pockets and enhance airflow.  Just like its award-winning big brother, the Cryo LX, this cools not only the fan vents, but it removes heat from the entire notebook case which is crucial for high performance gaming making the Cryo S best in its class for effective notebook cooling.  It can be powered via USB or the included AC adaptor and provides two additional USB ports to give users even more options for media, storage and input devices.