Nyko Zoom Enables Kinect Play In Cramped Quarters

There's good news, and bad. The good news is that a new Nyko accessory (the Zoom) will be shipping on August 23rd, and it aims to reduce the amount of room you need for Microsoft's Kinect to pick up moves effectively. As it stands, you need around 10' of space for it to work properly. But the Zoom cuts down on that space requirement by zooming in, in theory, and modifying the Kinect bar via a hardware add-on. That probably sounds great for those who live in 1-bedroom apartments, but here's the rub.

Microsoft isn't endorsing it. In fact, the company's making a slight case against it. Reportedly, Microsoft has come out to say that they won't support any modification to the Kinect sensor bar, despite this being a simple clip-on product. It's only 29.99, so for those with cramped quarters it may be worth taking the risk. But just know that reducing the amount of required space by 40% may indeed cost you. Decisions, decisions...

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