NYFI Could Bring More Free Internet To NYC Mass Transit

New York City is home to a lot of wild new technologies. Being as big as it is, tech companies often roll out trials and tests here before anywhere else, and new Wi-Fi technologies are no different. Despite having a wealth of cutting-edge solutions surrounding its citizens, NYC is certainly a place where hardly anything comes free. That's part of the reason why this plan sounds so incredibly good to dwellers, not to mention tourists.

NYFI, a well financed neutral host Wi-Fi provider, has submitted a proposal to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority of New York (MTA) to build and operate a new Wi-Fi network on Metro-North and Long Island Rail Road trains. What's unique about this effort (which is very similar to other mass Wi-Fi rollout plans in the city) is that there are really no strings attached for end-users. Some solutions for "free" Wi-Fi in the city require users to be a customer of any given cable company, but this plan "would not require users to subscribe to a service like Cablevision to access the system without paying."

NYFI is designed to be "good for everyone," and instead of using a pay-service model, the NYFI approach would "first assist the MTA by paying for an operational revamp of the MTA’s revenue generating activities, like advertising." The MTA still has to accept the proposal, after which the build-out would begin right away. So, MTA, what are you waiting for? Let's get to it!