NXP And Cisco Invest In Cohda Wireless, Seek To Build The "Connected Car"

If there's one area of consumer technology that is actually poised to take off in terms of real, unseen innovation, it's probably the automobile. Historically, cars have been slow to keep up with the rapid pace of changing technology. On the safety front, most cars are well equipped in terms of technology. But the infotainment front? Not so much. Most factory navigation systems cost thousands more than devices available at Walmart and Best Buy, and the muddled UI means that they actually perform worse. Certain safety features have to be taken into consideration, of course, but technology has no doubt suffered because of it.

Now, Cisco and NXP are investing in Cohda Wireless. Why? To "enable the connected car." As Wi-Fi and mobile broadband become slightly less rare in automobiles, the possibilities become much more endless. The group is hoping to "advance intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and car-to-X communications," and given that Cohda Wireless is a specialist in wireless communication for automotive safety applications, it seems as if they've chosen the ideal company to sink funds into. The concepts remain fairly open-ended for now, simply seeking to create a car where most everything is connected in some way. From navigation to infotainment, to actual car parts reporting on service needs, the concept of a connected car is certainly one we can dig.

The three companies will apply their collective expertise and technologies to help automotive OEMs, suppliers, enterprises and consumers to connect vehicles with ITS infrastructure. This will be spearheaded by producing the first automotive-qualified IEEE 802.11p products for onboard and road side units that are ready for C2C and C2I deployments across the globe. NXP will exclusively license the Cohda 802.11p technology together with its chipsets as a one-stop shop to automotive customers, and Cohda will be NXP’s preferred partner for automotive 802.11p reference designs.

Here's hoping 2014 model year vehicles will feature more than just an updated paint scheme, huh?
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