NVIDIA's Tegra Finds Home Within Samsung's M1 PMP

NVIDIA's Tegra is sure doing a good job at gaining respect in the industry. The company's HD Mobile Processor enables portable media devices to handle HD video and 3D graphics, feats that were deemed impossible for small gadgets just a few years back. Now, however, Tegra has already found a home in the high-profile Zune HD, and just in case you've got some beef with Microsoft, you'll also find it within Samsung's new M1.

The M1 is a pretty darn sleek player, equipped with an AMOLED display, wireless technology, 3D graphics and a Flash-based user interface. Reportedly, the device can handle 720p HD video playback, and it's equipped with a dedicated audio processor, a GPU and two ARM cores.

The Samsung M1 uses the following NVIDIA Tegra technology to deliver rich multimedia features:

  • An HD video processor for smooth, vivid 720p HD video and movie playback
  • A graphics processor for an intuitive, responsive user interface and excellent 2D/3D graphics for wireless mobile games, applications and photos
  • An audio processor for advanced audio playback and recording
  • NVIDIA nPower technology to optimise overall system performance and power

Samsung's M1 should be filtering out to US stores shortly, though official pricing remains a mystery.
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