NVIDIA’s Latest Core-Logic and OC May Not Mix

Not news gamers or uber-geeks are likely to take well, as NVIDIA has admitted that their 790i chipset may cause data corruption if overclocked.

Apparently, when computer enthusiasts overclock processor system bus (PSB) and memory clock-speeds on systems that are based on Nvidia nForce 790i-series core-logic, they may experience data corruption on hard disk drives. Earlier end-users complained about the same issue on systems powered by previous-generations Nvidia nForce chipsets.

“Nvidia has received reports of data corruption when using certain high speed memory and overclocking the front side bus.  Our engineers are currently investigating this issue and as soon as we have more information, we will provide an update to this knowledge base article,” a statement by Nvidia in its technical support forums reads.

Since the article was posted the KB article seems to have changed, with NVIDIA saying it's a "highly isolated" incident.  Still, posting a KB article means they are at least concerned.