NVIDIA's Facebook Page Teases Mystery Product Launch

NVIDIA has a message for its Facebook followers: It's Coming. Two simple words, one of which is a contraction (so three words if you want to count it that way), with no accompanying explanation as to what exactly is on the horizon. A new model graphics card perhaps? Possibly. Could it be a computer case? Judging by the faint outline in the picture (see below), that's also a possibility.

Speculation in the comments section of NVIDIA's post is all over the place. Some of the guesses include a GeForce GTX 667, a dual-GPU GeForce GTX 690, a chassis, an NVIDIA brand laptop, Transformer 4 tablet, new Quadro graphics cards, and more.

"And with this picture they've just made the fine people at AMD crap themselves," one of the commenters muses.

We have no idea what it is, nor do we know when it's coming (Managing Editor and graphics guru Marco Chippetta reckons "it's most likely hinting at either a GK100-based card -- the GK104 in the GTX 680 isn't their biggest chip -- or a dual-GPU powered card"), but when it does arrive, we hope it's something awesome. No matter what it is, you can bet we'll let you know as soon as we find out. In the meantime, care to venture a guess of your own?
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