NVIDIA's CES Keynote: Denver Debuts, Tegra K1 Breaks Cover

NVIDIA's Jen-Hsun Huang took the stage at CES tonight to discuss NVIDIA's overarching gaming technology efforts, starting with a discussion of PC gaming streaming courtesy of NVIDIA's Shield. We've discussed Shield's game streaming capability before -- it's easily one of the stronger selling points for the product. According to the NVIDIA CEO, the game streaming that the company showed at CES was actually being rendered from an NVIDIA GRID server that was currently located in France. The idea here? NVIDIA can render from thousands of miles away, push those frames to your PC or mobile device, and do it in a manner that feels like a local solution.

After covering a number of other NVIDIA innovations over the past year, NVIDIA unveiled its latest mobile chip. Not Tegra 5 -- NVIDIA appears to be dropping the five altogether -- but Tegra K1 (codenamed Logan).

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