NVIDIA's Bill Dally Joins In The Intel Hating

It's like a disease, really. You come to NVIDIA , you get a few paychecks and you start bashing Intel. Even the astute, politically correct Bill Dally -- which NVIDIA picked up from Stanford University as its Chief Scientist earlier this year -- is breaking out from his shell in order to slam Intel and promote his own view of the future of processors.

In a sit-down with The New York Times , Dally explained that now seemed like a wonderful time to break from academia (partially, at least) and "bring products to the marketplace rather than writing papers." Needless to say, Bill has bought into CEO Jen-Hsun Huang's mantra in that the world is "on the cusp of a computing revolution," and he's pretty adamant that it'll be NVIDIA (and not Intel) leading the way.

Essentially, Dally envisions "a world where standard chips sit alongside
the graphics chips in the same computer and split up work; a couple of the boring, old standard chips will handle the grunt work, while lots of the graphics chips will crank away on the more demanding jobs." Specifically, he noted that: "Everything from people’s smartphones to laptop computers to servers will be filled with heterogeneous processor chips. All of the value will be delivered by our processors."

  If you're looking for fighting words, he had those too. When talking up the Ion versus Larrabee feud, he spat out this: "Intel’s chip is lugging along this x86 instruction set, and there is a tax you have to pay for that. I think their argument is mostly a marketing thing ." He even noted that he considered working for Intel, but given just how "large and bureaucratic" it is, he felt that he really couldn't affect change there. Talk about the ultimate burn.