NVIDIA Game Ready 364.51 Beta Drivers Add The Division, Vulkan Support Following Brief Release Glitch

If you’re one of the unlucky gamers that installed NVIDIA’s new GeForce Game Ready 364.47 WHQL drivers yesterday, we feel your pain. What seemed like your typical release turned into chaos for nearly everyone that installed the driver yesterday.

Gamers reported all sorts of issues including black screens, blue screens, distorted screens, system crashes, and system reboots (among other problems). Some were even unable to boot their machines after installed the 364.47 WQHL drivers.

The Division

NVIDIA acknowledged the driver issues in a forum posting, writing:

We have reproduced the issue and our engineers continue to debug it. Initial investigation suggests the issue is related to doing an "Express" installation. We suggest those willing to try this driver use a Custom -> Clean Install installation.

After isolating the problem, NVIDIA was back at it again today with the GeForce Game Ready 364.47 driver, minus the WHQL certification, of course, given the quick turnaround time. NVIDIA followed up the new driver release with an update to its Knowledgebase, writing:

After finding a critical installation issue, the team has replaced yesterday's driver (364.47) with today's new driver (364.51 Beta). This driver has been submitted to Microsoft for WHQL-approval and we will update the driver package online as soon as we have the certified package.

You can download the new GeForce Game Ready 364.47 beta driver right here, or wait for NVIDIA to release the WHQL version of the driver.

vulkan api

With that being said 364.51 driver (and the botched 364.47) are primed for Tom Clancy’s The Division in addition to Game Ready optimizations for Hitman, Need for Speed, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Ashes of the Singularity. You’ll also find support for the new Vulkan graphics API. The 346.51 driver supports Vulkan, which is NVIDIA’s way of future proofing it graphics cards since you won’t find many games or apps supporting Vulkan.