NVIDIA Updates GeForce Experience Beta To Support Glorious 4K Streaming And Full HD Broadcasts

Good things are coming to NVIDIA's GeForce Experience utility over the course of the next few months, things like the ability to stream games at 4K from your PC to your television and enhanced broadcasting. Early adopters who don't mind running pre-release software can sample a taste of these things and more through a new beta that NVIDIA's doling out today.

One of the benefits of owning a high end graphics card or, even better, two of them in SLI is the ability to crank up the resolution in games to 4K for a better visual experience with a bigger field of view. It just so happens that NVIDIA's Android-powered SHIELD TV set-top box also supports 4K decoding, so why not marry to two?

GeForce Experience GameStream Mad Max

That's exactly what NVIDIA is doing. The latest GeForce Experience beta allows you to play games at 4K resolution at 60 frames per second with 5.1 surround sound on your TV through GameStream. Of course, to take advantage of this new functionality you'll need a strong PC and a 4K television, but if you have those things, this update allows you to tap into their full potential. You'll also need a fast Internet connection -- NVIDIA recommends 100Mbps through a wired connection to avoid bandwidth-related hiccups.

GeForce Experience Broadcast

For players who like to showcase their epic gaming skills to the Internet, the GeForce Experience beta adds the ability to broadcast at 1080p to YouTube Live's new gaming channel, setting up a war of platforms as Google attempts to compete in an area that's currently dominated by Twitch.

Speaking of which, gamers who'd rather stick with Twitch can now also broadcast at 1080p and 60 frames per second, a bump in the maximum supported broadcast resolution of 720p prior to this release.

GeForce Experience Game Ready

Finally, NVIDIA has reiterated its commitment to delivering Game Ready drivers to coincide with the release of every major game. NVIDIA's been doing this for the past couple of years, and going forward, you can expect WHQL-certified drivers to be available at the same time as blockbuster titles come out, including upcoming games like Fallout 4 and Just Cause 3.

There is, however, an added wrinkle. To get first access to Game Ready drivers through GeForce Experience, you'll need to provide and verify an email address. Doing so will also make you eligible for prizes and game codes, though expect NVIDIA to ping your inbox with news and announcements as well.

These are all the features that you can take advantage of now through the latest GeForce Experience beta. They'll trickle out to the regular release sometime this holiday season, followed by even more feature upgrades in 2016.