Nvidia Updates 3D Vision Wireless Glasses Kit, Knocks $50 Off

Imagine that you're sitting there watching a 3D Blu-ray flick and you're in the middle of an intense scene. Bullets, shrapnel, and chickens are flying off the screen when the bad guy is finally about to get what he deserves, and then...blurriness. Say what? Sorry sport, your 3D glasses just lost their charge, time to plug them in and pick up where you left off later. Boo!

Maybe that or something similar has happened to you or maybe not. Either way, Nvidia just announced an updated version of its 3D Vision wireless glasses kit that provide 50 percent longer battery life from a single charge. That translates into 60 hours of 3D mania, giving you 20 extra hours over your early adopting neighbor who bought into the first generation eye gear.

And while you're bragging to your neighbor Joe, be sure and let him know that you jumped in with Nvidia's new price of $149, which is a $50 mark down from before. That means you paid less for a superior set of glasses. Sorry, Joe!