NVIDIA TX1-Powered ‘Teal’ Drone Captures 4K Footage At A Blistering 70 MPH

Teal Drone 2
There are drones, and there are drones that can capture video. And then there are drones like the Teal that can fly at over 70 MPH and capture 4K footage. Whoa.

When someone purchases any sort of drone, they'll have a specific use case in mind. Some drones are good for racing, while others are good at capturing amazing photography from the air. There are even drones that can follow you around. What makes Teal a bit different is that it's able to not just go fast, but capture high-res video at the same time.

Teal Drone

The Teal drone isn't a be-all-end-all drone right out of the box; it's flexible, able to be better configured for your particular needs at the time. You can swap for a heavier battery, for example, which would increase battery-life but decrease the top speed.

Teal promises that its drone can remain stable in winds up to 40 MPH, and that hitting at least 70 MPH will be possible. Under its hood is an NVIDIA TX1, which allows the drone to process commands instantly, and also allows it to be plugged into a monitor and used as a computer, where the Teal OS can be found.

Teal has an open platform here, and it hopes that developers will help to make its ecosystem as robust as possible. It's going to have an app store, so the potential for a seriously well-rounded drone is possible. As mentioned earlier, it can also record video at 4K, and take still images at 13 megapixel. It goes without saying that Teal is a very capable drone, but despite that, its price tag isn't as luxury as you'd expect: it can be preordered for $1299 USD at its website below.

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