NVIDIA Tesla GPU Computing Solutions

NVIDIA Announces Tesla GPU Computing Soluitons for HPC

Revolutionary NVIDIA Tesla™ high performance computing (HPC) solutions arm scientists, engineers and other technical professionals with the power to solve previously unsolvable problems. A dedicated, high performance GPU computing solution, Tesla brings supercomputing power to any workstation or server and to standard, CPU-based server clusters.

Key elements include:

  • Industry's first massively multi-threaded architecture with a 128-processor computing core
  • World's only C-language development environment for the GPU
  • A suite of developer tools (C-compiler, debugger, performance profiler, optimized libraries)
  • Largest ISV development community for GPU Computing applications
  • Seamlessly able to fit into existing HPC environments

Tesla C870 GPU Computing Processor

The GPU Computing Processor transforms a standard workstation into a personal supercomputer with over 500 gigaflops of peak floating point performance.

NVIDIA Tesla S870 GPU Computing Server

Tesla S870 GPU Computing Server

The GPU Computing Server seamlessly fits into enterprise server clusters and scales to solve the most complex computing problems.

NVIDIA Tesla D870 Deskside Supercomputer

Tesla D870 Deskside Supercomputer

The Deskside Supercomputer attaches to a workstation through a PCI Express adapter to create an expandable HPC system that works in tandem with multi-core CPUs.


More Details Are Available at NVIDIA.com