NVIDIA Shows Kegputer Gaming Rig, Serves Cold Ones and Frame Rate

In addition to their big press conference yesterday, NVIDIA was out and about showing off a few more of their wares at some of the other press events that take place during the Consumer Electronics Show. While walking through the Digital Experience event at Ceasar's Palace, we spotted these piece of kit that we thought you'd all like to check out. Below are the "Kegputer" and a hot new Dell gaming notebook...

Here we have the Kegputer featuring some of the fastest components on the market, currently, including a pair of GeForce GTX 580s running in SLI mode. For more details, keep an eye out for it on the Discovery Channel and check out the video above. Details on the show the Kegputer will be featured on are in the vid.

We spotted this mobile monster in NVIDIA's display and came away impressed. This particular Dell XPS 17 sports a new GeForce GT 550M and offers 3D Vision technology for the gamer on the go. With it, you'll be able to play all of the latest DirectX 11 titles and utilize all of NVIDIA's proprietary tech, like CUDA and PhysX engine effects, but what really stands out on this machine is the 120Hz panel with built-in 3D Vision support. No more need to carry around the 3D Vision base, connect it via USB, etc.
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