New NVIDIA SHIELD TV Design Leaks With A Totally Tubular Look

nvidia shield tv 1
It looks as though Amazon isn’t the only retailer spilling NVIDIA’s secrets for upcoming streaming devices. Amazon got the ball rolling with the SHIELD TV Pro earlier today, while Newegg has posted a product page for the all-new SHIELD TV. 

This entry-level device is shaped like a small cylinder measuring 1.57 inches wide and 6.5 inches tall. Despite its tiny dimensions, it still manages to incorporate an HDMI port, GbE port, a microSD reader, and a proprietary power port. 

nvidia shield tv stick 3

The new SHIELD TV carries the same NVIDIA Tegra X1+ processor as the SHIELD TV Pro, but makes do with just 8GB of internal storage instead of 16GB. We’d imagine that this streamer will also boast a 25 percent improvement in performance like its big brother. With that being said, the new SHIELD TV supports the same standards as its bigger brother including Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos

We should also mention that the new SHIELD TV comes with the same redesigned remote as the SHIELD TV Pro, which includes an IR blaster and dedicated volume controls (among other much-needed enhancements).  

While the SHIELD TV Pro is priced at $199, the SHIELD TV will supposedly ring in at $149. And we’re also expecting an October 28th launch date.