NVIDIA Security Breach Exposes Over 500 Employees

As unfortunate as it's become, another day in the tech industry means yet another security breach, a startling trend that seems to be picking up in frequency as we head into 2015. This time graphics chip maker NVIDIA was hit. The Santa Clara, California-based company has advised its employees to change their passwords after discovering "unauthorized access" to its network.

NVIDIA said it learned about the breach during the first week of December, adding that it involved a number of employee usernames and passwords. At this time, NVIDIA hasn't found any evidence to suggest that any other information was compromised in the attack.


"Our IT team has since taken extensive measures to enhance the security capabilities of our network to protect against this type of access occurring in the future. This work was performance last weekend and included a requirement that all employees reset their passwords," NVIDIA stated in a letter sent out to employees.

This is the latest in a long line of cyberattacks that have occurred this past year. However, this is a relatively minor incident compared to the ones involving companies like Target, Home Depot, and more recently, Sony Pictures Entertainment.