NVIDIA Securing Capacity at TSMC

DigiTimes reports that NVIDIA CEO Jen-hsun Huang is traveling to Taiwan to meet with TSMC and ensure there is ample fab capacity to produce the company's upcoming G80 GPU. With NVIDIA looking to have a multiple-month head start over rival ATI with the launch of their R600 GPU, the G80 architecture will have the Christmas season to itself. Given the high demand this new product will likely see, NVIDIA needs to ensure that there are ample foundry lines dedicated towards this GPU's production.

With GeForce 8800 expected to be unveiled in November, Huang wanted to make sure that production of the graphics chip will not be affected by competitor ATI's bookings for TSMC's 80nm capacity, the sources claimed. About 90% of Nvidia's production is outsourced to TSMC, the sources indicated.


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