NVIDIA Picks New CFO And VP Corp. Comm.

For whatever reason, a whole lot of new top brass is showing up at NVIDIA this year. Not even a full month since the acquisition of Bill Dally as the company's chief scientist, NVIDIA has now added two more executives to its roster.

First up is Bob Sherbin, who has been selected to fill the newly created role of vice president, corporate communications. The 51 year-old will reportedly be "responsible for strengthening corporate communications at the company, with particular focus on external corporate messaging and strategic media relations." We're not sure if this means "figuring out how to best make itself look more awesome than Intel" or not, but we wouldn't be shocked to hear that the actual job description isn't too far from that. He'll be reporting to Dan Vivoli, senior vice president, marketing, and will be bringing along 25 years of communications experience.

Bob's new boss had this to say about his hire: "NVIDIA is committed to ensuring that we are recognized as both the industry leader in visual computing and a powerful force in technology innovation. Bob's extensive communications skills, strong experience in large organizations and passion will help us achieve these objectives." Like we said, it's not directly coming out and saying that it'll be using this fellow to one-up Intel's every lashing, but we're definitely getting that sort of vibe.

Next up is David White, who is immediately replacing Marvin Burkett as executive vice president and chief financial officer. NVIDIA knew of Burkett's intentions to retire in March of last year, so this hire has certainly been a long time coming. White is moving in from a stint as executive vice president and CFO at Sanmina-SCI, so needless to say, this will certainly be different than what he's used to. He'll be reporting to Jen-Hsun Huang, NVIDIA’s president and chief executive officer, and will likely be responsible for holding things down on the financial end. Er, at least that's what we think CFOs do. So NVIDIA, any other corner offices with their vacancy signs on?

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