Nvidia Pads Already Impressive Shield Gaming Portfolio With Seven New Titles

The SHIELD Android TV already has more than 300 compatible titles since launching a few months ago, but Nvidia gave that pool another boost today with the announcement of seven new(ish) titles. Five the games were already available but now have support for Nvidia’s set-top gaming device, while two are completely new to the Google Play Store.

Killing Floor Calamity(1)
Killing Floor: Calamity

Of the two new titles, Killing Floor: Calamity will be more familiar for most gamers. While Windward ought to make for some ocean-faring fun, Killing Floor: Calamity is based on the tried-and-true bloodbath of a game that first appeared about a decade ago. Your job is to clear zones of mutant bad guys and you can enlist the help of a friend, thanks to the two-player co-op feature.


The other five titles are already in the Google Play Store: Flyhunter Origins, Pure Pool, Twin Runners 2, This War of Mine, Windward and Xenowerk. The most interesting storyline probably belongs to This War of Mine, in which you try to keep a band of civilians alive in a besieged city. The game presents different challenges during the day and at night as you scavenge for items you need and avoid sniper fire.

Pricing ranges from $0.99 for Xenowerk to $14.99 for This War of Mine and all of the games are in the Google Play Store. Killing Floor: Calamity and Windward are each going for $9.99.

The games are tied to your Android account, so if you already bought one of these games for a different device, you should be able to play it on your SHIELD Android TV without having to pay a second time.