NVIDIA Opens Detroit-Area Tech Center To Bolster In-Car Infotainment Efforts

Detroit may be bankrupt, but the surrounding towns seem to be doing quite well. Ann Arbor has traditionally been a fairly well-to-do place, with the University of Michigan no doubt having a very positive impact. And clearly, NVIDIA is willing to bite while everyone else is selling The Motor City. The company has just announced that it will soon open up the NVIDIA Technology Center in Ann Arbor, and it notes that both Microsoft and Google have also recently opened offices in southeast Michigan, not far from Detroit.

Interestingly, software developers are in high demand in the area, as all of the local automakers seek to re-envision the dashboard and up the ante with superior infotainment systems. The connected car is absolutely on the minds of Chevrolet, Ford, etc. hrysler, Ford and GM use NVIDIA products to design, style and build their cars and trucks, and NVIDIA hopes that the new office will "help its growing team of Michigan-based engineers and executives work with automakers and suppliers to develop next-generation infotainment, navigation and driver assistance programs – all of which make driving more enjoyable and safer."

NVIDIA already powers in-dash digital instrument clusters as well as navigation and information displays in more than 4 million vehicles from automakers such as Audi, Bentley, BMW, Lamborghini, Maserati, Rolls Royce, Tesla Motors and VW, and with the new digs opening up, you can bet that more will come.