NVIDIA Lowers Price Of SHIELD To $299 In Response To Gamer Feedback

Great news for gamers who love saving money: NVIDIA's SHIELD handheld gaming machine now has a new, lower price. It's actually the second instance in as many days where a major gaming company has reversed course (or at least made a change) based strictly on user feedback. Shortly after Microsoft decided against its DRM polocies with the Xbox One, NVIDIA has decided to reduce the asking price for SHIELD to $299.

The 5-inch, handheld gaming machine -- which debuted at CES this year -- will start shipping on June 27th. If you’ve already pre-ordered SHIELD, you’ll be charged the new, lower price. You will only be charged $299 when the product ships.

NVIDIA states that it "heard" it'd have a home run if SHIELD were priced at $299, so it's doing it. Now, you getting one?