NVIDIA Officially Unveils Tegra 3 Mobile Processor

NVIDIA introduced its long-awaited Tegra 3 processor (The Chip Formerly Known As Kal-El), which is the first quad-core mobile processor around.

Designed for tablets and super phones, the Tegra 3 will purportedly best the processing performance of the Tegra 2 chip by a factor of five (and graphics by a factor of three, thanks to a 12-core NVIDIA GeForce GPU with stereo 3D support), all while reducing power consumption by 61%.

Although Tegra 3 is a quad-core chip, there is also a fifth “companion core”, which is designed to take over for less-intensive computing tasks, such as listening to audio or updating background data. The technology behind the fifth core is NVIDIA’s Variable Symmetric Multiprocessing (vSMP).

The debut product packing the Tegra 3 is ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime, which we’ve just told you all about.

If the Tegra 3 performs as well as NVIDIA says it will, you can expect everything on your mobile device to perform faster and better, including Web browsing, gaming, streaming video, editing photos, rendering video, running apps, and so on.
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