NVIDIA Graphics Chip Used In Audi's In-Car MMI

We're beginning to wonder if there's a sector NVIDIA isn't willing to dabble in, and judging by its latest collaboration with automaker Audi, the answer is looking more and more to be "nope." Announced this week, the newly revamped MMI in-car command center is set to make future Audi automobiles a real technology-savvy bunch.

Aside from blessing the new MMI with a 7-inch LED-backlit LCD panel (800 x 480 pixels), it also implemented a new joystick control scheme, 3D / 2D maps, support for vocal input and multimedia capabilities to keep the kids from wailing. In order to handle its duties, Audi included a pair of processors -- an 800MHz chip and a 500MHz digital signal processor -- which enable the navigation, voice input, telephone and audio functions to operate together harmoniously and sans slowdown.

One of the standout features is the inclusion of a 3D graphics processor from NVIDIA, which enables the MMI to "access the third dimension." Additionally, the chip has enabled yet another "first," as the MMI provides a unique "genuine 3D map display," or what's better known as a "digital topographical model." According to Audi: "With this processor, the screen display sets new standards with its attractive display layout, high resolution, and presentation quality, smooth animation and cross fading." We haven't yet heard how it'll withstand the pressures of Crysis, but those looking to give it a crack can find it on US soil within the all-new Q5.

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