NVIDIA Gives Fellowships To 10 Graduate Students

NVIDIA Provides Fellowships To 10 Top Graduate Students In Visual Computing

SANTA CLARA, CA. – NVIDIA, the world leader in visual computing technologies, today announced that 10 graduate students have received grants under the eighth annual NVIDIA Fellowship Program, which is intended to fund work to solve complex visual computing challenges.

More than 200 applicants were considered for the award, which comes with grants of $25,000 for each recipient, according to NVIDIA Chief Scientist Bill Dally, who headed the committee which selected the award recipients. The projects being sponsored cover a wide range of technical areas, including computer vision, neuroscience, and quantum chemistry simulation on GPUs.

“The NVIDIA Fellowship Program recognizes and supports excellence in GPU computing research in universities worldwide,” Dally said. “It facilitates outstanding research and builds relationships between NVIDIA and the academic community.”

Recipients of the 2009 NVIDIA Fellowship Program include:

  • Anjul Patney, University of California, Davis
  • Bryan Catanzaro, University of California, Berkeley
  • Erik Sintorn, Chalmers University of Technology
  • Gregory Diamos, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Huy T. Vo, University of Utah
  • Ivan Ufimtsev, Stanford University
  • Jiayuan Meng, University of Virginia
  • Nicolas Pinto, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Rahul Garg, University of Washington
  • Yen-Tzu Lin, Carnegie Mellon University

The NVIDIA Fellowship Program is open to applicants worldwide. Eligibility criteria includes completion of the first year of Ph.D. level studies in the areas of computer science, computer engineering, system architecture, electrical engineering or a related area. . In addition, the student must hold a current membership on an active research team.