NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Allegedly Spotted On Shipping Manifest With 10GB Of Memory

Earlier this week, we informed you about rumblings that NVIDIA was rumored to be readying the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, a follow-on high end GPU targeted at bringing Titan X class performance to gamers and enthusiasts at a price point somewhere between the Titan X and the potent GeForce GTX 1080. Though rumored for a CES 2017 unveil, we're also now learning more specifics and possibly even a confirmation of the 1080 Ti's actual existence. Initially spotted on a shipping manifest by Videocardz, details in the shipment of a computer graphics card, targeting a destination Indian port via Bangalore Air, point to the NVIDIA nomenclature of PG611 for the GPU -- which designates NVIDIA's GP102 -- aka the very same NVIDIA graphics processor that powers the mighty Titan X. What's even more interesting perhaps -- beyond just rumors of an eagle-eyed blogger claiming they spotted this in the wild -- is that we've been able to trace back details of the manifest and its actual existence, which is currently showing in an active database.  
geforce gtx 1080 angle
NVIDIA PG611 Shipping Data With 10GB RAM
A database discovery corroborates findings of a PG611 with 10GB GDDR Memory

There's a lot of detail here actually, so let's dig in. First, this report is different than the other report that was discovered in the wild. It shows the same origin country of China and the same port of discharge (India) which is a place where shipments are dispersed from a vessel like an aircraft. It may or may not be the final port of destination, however. The description of the product, of course, is where the meat is. In fact, we do have a product dubbed "PG611" with the SKU 0010 GPU, that has a 384-bit memory bus (hello full fat GP102 Pascal memory bandwidth!) and yes, 10240MB GDDR, or 10GB of RAM. The other obvious details are that it is indeed a "computer graphics card" but also with a per unit value of 68,276 INR or Indian Rupee (₹). This would equate to roughly a $1,010.00 value for this one unit quantity. That, however, likely does not represent actual NVIDIA pricing but more likely just what the shipper claimed as the value of the product for customs.

So what have we learned here and what can we say definitively? Definitively, we can't say much of anything. All of this is speculation and rumor at this point. However, we do know that there was likely a shipment out there that went from China to India on the 8th of November. On that shipment was a product designated as a computer graphics card with a 384-bit memory bus and 10GB of GDDR memory with the PG611 GPU designation, which NVIDIA otherwise refers to as GP102.

At the very least this spells out a GP102 GPU strapped with only 10GB of memory, versus the full 12GB on the Titan X. Should we call it a GeForce GTX 1080 Ti? We're not sure what we should call it and we don't know critical details like core and memory clock speeds, how many SM Units are enabled, etc. However, with the rumblings of a GeForce GTX 1080 Ti making a debut possibly in or around the CES time frame, it's an interesting possibility that is seemingly coming more into focus.