NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GS On Sale

Good afternoon everyone. It looks like NVIDIA's recently announced entry-level GeForce 7300 GS is on sale in some Asian and Chinese markets already...

- BlueIdea
- Maxsun (China Local Brand Holder)
- Jetway

It hasn't hit store shelves in the United States just yet, but we've already got a card en route by way of XFX, so they should be available here shortly as well. Some folks have said that NVIDIA "paper launched" the GeForce 7300 GS, but that's not completely accurate - there's more to the story. According to NVIDIA, the original worldwide launch for the 7300 GS was scheduled for early February. But because a smaller, initial production run of the cards turned out to be 100% functional (which is not always the case), some partners decided to bring them to market right away in order to have cards on sale in time for the Chinese New Year buying season. The rescheduling of the original announcement is why cards were not immediately available worldwide for this launch. The original batch of cards produced was designated for the Asia/Pacific region, but subsequent batches will be made available worldwide.