NVIDIA Finds Its Rhythm: Tegra 3 Imminent with Annual Updates

While there are only a select few devices that currently sport NVIDIA's Tegra processor, the GPU giant obviously hasn't stopped R&D on their series of SoCs. For the uninitiated, the various flavors of Tegra integrate an ARM processor core, with a GPU, and northbridge and southbridge functionality within one chip. Tegra and Tegra 2's low power consumption coupled with HD video playback capabilities--among other features--make them ideal candidates for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. One problem, up to this point, however, is the lack of products on the market that are actually powered by Tegra. Nevertheless, the latest news from San Jose, where NVIDIA is currently holding its GPU Technology Conference, is the surprising revelation of annual Tegra updates from here on out. NVIDA's charismatic CEO Jen-Hsun Huang underscored this in a panel discussion today and we were on hand to capture footage.

"Tegra 2 is just our first entry (into the mobile market), Tegra 3 is almost done, Tegra 4 is being built. Just think in the context of the NVIDIA rhythm. Every single year, there will be a new Tegra."
- Jen-Hsun Huang, NVIDIA CEO