Nvidia Eases Users into DIY Scene with GeForce PC Kit

As power users, we sometimes take for granted the process of putting together a new PC. For most of you reading this, rolling your own rig is old hat by now, but not everyone falls into this category. If we think back to our very first build, most of us would agree that the concept was a little daunting at first, at least until it came time to dive in and plug all the parts in.

We can preach how it easy it is to build your own machine until we're blue in the face, but none of it matters until you take that leap and find out for yourself. Hoping to push you in that direction, Nvidia has put together a DIY bundle they're calling the GeForce PC Kit. Here's what you get:

ProcessorIntel® Pentium E5300
Operating SystemNot Included
Supports (Windows XP, Vista, 7)
Memory2 GB DDR2
Graphics CardNVIDIA® GeForce® 9800 GT
Hard Drive3.5” SATA 250 GB (7200 rpm)
Optical DriveDVD R/RW
Power Supply500 Watts
NetworkingIntegrated 10/100 Ethernet, No wireless LAN
Keyboard and MouseMicrosoft keyboard and mouse
ChassisCoolerMaster Elite 334 NVIDIA Edition
Front Productivity Ports2 USB, 1 Audio
Back Ports1 Serial port
1 VGA port
1 LAN 
4 USB 2.0 Ports
3/6 Flex Audio Jacks
1 PS/2 mouse port
1 PS/2 keyboard port
AudioIntegrated 7.1 channel sound with front audio ports
DimensionsD 19.1” x W 8.0” x H 16.3”

We can already hear the groans from those of you who were hoping for a Core i5 foundation, or even an AM3 setup if shooting for a low-budget build. But if you can get past the pedestrian parts and dated socket (LGA775), Nvidia's done something pretty neat and unique here, which we hope they will continue to do. The GeForce PC Kit successfully bridges the gap between the DIY scene and a pre-built rig, giving weary would-be builders a boost of confidence in knowing that the parts they're buying will all be compatible.

The motherboard comes with the CPU and cooler already installed; it's up to you to put everything else together and shove it all into the Cooler Master case. Nvidia also includes a screwdriver to save you from fumbling around your toolbox for the right size Phillips-head, so all you need to add is a monitor, OS, and a bit of elbow grease.

Nvidia's GeForce PC Kit is available now for $500 from CompUSA and TigerDirect (both Systemax subsidiaries).