NVIDIA CFO Teases Intel Foundry Services Deal And It Could Be A Great Partnership

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NVIDIA CFO Colette Kress spoke about the possibility of having Intel as a foundry partner during an interview at the UBS Global Technology Conference. At the moment NVIDIA uses both Samsung and TSMC for their chip fabrication needs, with TSMC handling the majority of the duty.

TSMC is currently the strongest foundry partner, and works on making gaming GPUs for the RTX 40 series alongside the powerful chips used in data centers that are making NVIDIA an AI powerhouse. Meanwhile, Samsung was the supplier of the chips used in NVIDIA’s prior generation RTX 30 series gaming GPUs.

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Intel would be the third foundry partner if NVIDIA decides to go this route. Kress says that “we would love a third one. And that takes a work of what are they interested in terms of the services. Keep in mind, there is other ones that may come to the U.S. TSMC in the U.S. may be an option for us as well. Not necessarily different, but again in terms of the different region. Nothing that stops us from potentially adding another foundry.”

Getting Intel’s foundry services will be a smart strategic move for NVIDIA. Tensions between the United States and China don’t look to be easing any time soon, with the possibility of losing access to TSMC’s services getting higher than anyone would like it to be.

This will also be welcomed news by the current administration, who is working on developing and strengthening the domestic chip making capabilities available in the United States.