NVIDIA Brings Tesla GPU Technology To Dell PCs

Look out, world -- the supercomputer just got personal. For the longest while, NVIDIA had been pushing its potent Tesla GPU technology as the stuff that was tailor made for crunching atmospheric pattern data and renders in a new motion picture. Thanks to Dell, however, all that power can now arrive on your doorstep. Starting today, NVIDIA's Tesla C1060 GPU Computing processor, based on the CUDA architecture, can be ordered in Dell's Precision R5400, T5500 and T7500 workstations.

Greg Weir, senior manager, Dell Product Group, didn't hold anything back when stating that these machines, combined with the Tesla, is "putting the power of supercomputing on the desktop." Bold words, for sure. There's no mention of a price, but to get an idea of what this C1060 is capable of, check out its prior experience below.

Oil and gas

  • Acceleware: Kirchoff Time Migration library
  • ffA: 3D Seismic processing software
  • Headwave: Prestack data processing
  • Mercury Computer systems: 3D data visualization
  • SeismicCity: 3D seismic imaging for prestack depth migration
  • SMT: Kingdom – Seismic Processing

Computational Chemistry and Molecular Dynamics:

  • GROMACS molecular dynamics
  • HOOMD molecular dynamics
  • NAMD molecular dynamics
  • VMD visualization of molecular dynamics

Bio-Informatics and Life Sciences:

  • GPU HMMER: CUDA version of HMMER
  • LISSOM: Human neocortex modeling
  • MUMmerGPU: High-throughput DNA sequencing

Financial Computing and Options Pricing:

  • Aqumin: 3D Visualization of market data
  • Exegy: Risk Analysis
  • Hanweck: options pricing
  • SciComp: derivatives pricing

Mathematical Computing

  • Jacket CUDA plugin for MATLAB from Accelereyes
  • LabVIEW from National Instruments


  • Tsunami simulation – Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • Weather Research and Forecast (WRF) model
  • Geographical Information Systems - Manifold

Medical Imaging, CT, MRI:

  • AxeRecon CT reconstruction library from Acceleware
  • SnapCT tomographic reconstruction software from Digisens

Electrodynamics and Electromagnetics

  • CST Microware Studio
  • FDTD solver from Acceleware

Electronic Design Automation

  • ADS SPICE simulator from Agilent EESof
  • OmegaSim GX SPICE simulator from Nascentric
  • Sentaraus TCAD from Synopsys
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