NVIDIA Begins Offering Lighted GeForce GTX SLI Bridges

There are plenty of ways to bling out your PC with an LED light show. You can install LED fans, cold cathode tubes, LED strips, and a few other options. Still not enough? Than perhaps you'll be interested to know that NVIDIA, for the first time ever, has begun selling GeForce GTX SLI LED bridges in 2-Way, 2-Way Spaced, and 3-Way Spaced configurations.

You may have seen these same LED bridges in configured systems that were showcased during NVIDA's 24-hour PC gaming event called GAME24. Now's your chance to own one.

GeForce GTX 3-Way SLI Bridge

The bridges are designed for GeForce GTX cards with SLI support -- specifically, GeForce GTX 770, GTX 780, GTX 780 Ti, GTX Titan, and GTX Titan Black, along with NVIDIA's recently launched GeForce GTX 970 and GTX 980 graphics cards based on the company's Maxwell architecture.

Pricing for the LED bridges runs $29.99 for either the 2-Way or 2-Way Spaced and $39.99 for the 3-Way version. All three are available now and supported on NVIDIA's reference designs. Use of the LED Visualizer requires GeForce Experience version 1.7 or higher.