NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 And GTX 1050 Ti Bring 1080p Gaming Muscle Starting At $109

GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Partner GIGABYTE
Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

The moment has finally arrived. After nearly two months of speculation, NVIDIA has finally pulled the wraps off its new entry-level GeForce GTX 1050 and GTX 1050 Ti graphics cards. NVIDIA is confident that these budget cards won't drain your wallet and will allow you to enjoy your favorite games at 1080p/60fps.

Although NVIDIA isn’t ready to divulge all of the specifications for the new cards just yet, it did let us know that both GP107 GPUs feature a 135mm2 die size, 3.3 billion transistors and a 128-bit memory interface. The GTX 1050, as we’ve previously reported, comes with 640 CUDA cores and 2GB of 7Gbps GDDR5 memory. The GTX 1050 Ti ups CUDA cores to 768 and doubles onboard memory to 4GB. Both cards only come in a dual-slot configuration.

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Clocks speeds for both cards also match up with previous leaks, with the base/boost clocks of the GTX 1050 coming in at 1354 MHz and 1455 MHz respectively. The GTX 1050 Ti features a base clock of 1290 MHz and a boost clock of 1392 MHz. Both cards draw less than 75W of power meaning that additional power connectors aren’t required. However, partners can add them, if they choose, to improve overclocking performance.

Unlike with other members of the Pascal family, neither the GeForce GTX 1050 nor the GTX 1050 Ti will be available in a Founders Edition. Instead, they’ll will only be available as custom cards from NVIDIA’s partners. And as you can see below, NVIDIA has a rather impressive lineup of cards from its partners that will be available at launch.

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As for all-important pricing, the GTX 1050 and GTX 1050 Ti will be positioned at an incredibly reasonable $109 and $139 respectively. Of course, pricing will vary between NVIDIA’s board partners, but this baseline should give you an idea of what to expect. Both cards will be available to purchase on October 25th.