Seemingly out of nowhere, NVIDIA has announced that they have signed a definitive agreement to acquire the chipset vendor ULI. This has to be some extremely upsetting news to ATI as they have worked closely with ULI in the past (primarily for southbridge chipsets). Without question, the addition of ULI's technology and experience will no doubt help solidify and improve NVIDIA's already exceptional MCP products.

Alex Kuo, president and chief executive officer, ULi, will join NVIDIA as a senior executive responsible for MCP sales, marketing, and support functions in Asia. NVIDIA intends to supply ULi customers with current products for the foreseeable future. Jen-Hsun Huang, president and chief executive officer, NVIDIA, stated: "Alex and his team have built a company admired for creating innovative products in the core logic arena. The acquisition provides an opportunity for NVIDIA to leverage a very talented engineering team in order to expand our MCP initiatives while building closer relationships with customers in Asia." "At ULi, we have always believed that the opportunities in the MCP space are tremendous," added Mr. Kuo. "The strength of the NVIDIA world-class engineering and marketing organizations will enable the ULi team to take product design and development to the next level."