Nvidia 1.0-8174 Performance

Though Microsft Windows is the most widely used OS, the Linux community is still very much alive, and full of gamers. Nvidia hasn't left the Linux gamer's out of the loop, and today Phoronix takes a look at the recently released Nvidia 1.0-8174 Linux drivers.

"Earlier today, the NVIDIA 1.0-8174 Linux display drivers were finally released. Among appending SLI support these Rel80 drivers feature the new nvidia-xconfig utility. With our first performance article for this new driver series, we are seeing just how well the 1.0-8174 drivers fair in combination with a NVIDIA GeForce 7800GTX 256MB."

The performance gains are there, but nothing that would allow you to raise the resolution in a game, or apply extra AA or AF, without a performance hit. Those of you suffering the 7800GTX clocking problem might want to give this driver set a chance though.

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